9th-16th August 2014 Malvern Wind Chamber Music Course

The Malvern Wind Chamber Music Course run by Cuillin Sound takes place every year in August. I attended in 2012 and 2013, but unfortunately can’t go this time around because the optician told me that I needed varifocals and then took all my money. This is a real shame because the course really is excellent and I’ve made some lovely friends…but it’s difficult times, my friends, difficult times. At least once I’ve got my new specs I’ll be able to see both the music and the conductor, which will be a bonus.

Anyway, the wonderful Mike Bell joined us in 2013 as resident photographer, and he took this great shot of the oboe section with me (and my double chin) centre stage:


Photo by Mike Bell, reproduced here with permission.

Marvellous! If you’d like to see more of Mike’s beautiful photos, you can view a blog and portfolio on his website. Mike writes for Landscape Photography Magazine.

Now, the multi-talented David Benedict (oboist, clarinettist, magician, also does bendy balloons and much more) signed up for an art course and used Mike’s photo to produce the following drawing:


Drawing by David Benedict, reproduced here with permission.

Isn’t it lovely? I think David’s caught the focus of the original photo beautifully. Many thanks to both David and Mike for permission to reproduce their work here.